The offshore Technology Institute, University of Port Harcourt (OTI-Uniport) currently has four Master’s degree programmes and a Post-Graduate Diploma programme: MSc in Offshore Engineering, MSc in Subsea Engineering, MSc in Pipeline Engineering, MSc in Energy Access and Renewable Energy Technology, and PGD in Offshore Engineering. There is continuous need for manpower and further training of manpower in the energy sector which the Institute focuses on. Most of the graduates of the Institute are in the industry and there is always need for further research to meet the needs and challenges posed on the industry hence the proposal for a Ph.D programme in Subsea Engineering. The Ph.D programme will create further manpower needed in the industry for research and development. The Ph.D programme will give the MSc degree holders opportunity to increase their knowledge frontiers and enable people from similar disciplines to do same and be well equipped for the challenges present now or in the foreseeable future in the industry. . Ph.D graduates from the institute who are industry-based will form additional resource persons in both the industry and the academia.

Programme Details (PhD OffShore Engineering)

Programme Details (PhD Pipeline Engineering)

Programme Details (PhD Subsea Engineering)

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